Adapting through COVID-19

According to Executive Order No. 121 signed by Governor Roy Cooper on March 27, 2020, the Comic Monstore falls under the category of a COVID-19 Essential Business.  We have found ourselves conflicted by this information because we have a firm understanding of how serious the situation concerning COVID-19 is in America. The country must work together to flatten the curve and reduce the pain and suffering of our fellow humans.  That is most important.  

On March 15th, we took a significant step in keeping our customers safe and healthy by cancelling all gaming in the store.  We put extra effort into cleaning, disinfecting and social distancing at that point. We also had signage encouraging customers to use our restroom for hand washing.  On March 23rd, we took another significant step toward public safety by locking our door and only offering curbside, shipping or delivery services. We’ve had hand sanitizer available throughout March,… and we’ve used plenty of it.  We are taking this very seriously.

After heavy thought, we have decided to move forward as follows:  

  1. We are putting public safety first.  No customers will be allowed in the store.  As we shift toward more online business, we will focus on shipping and delivery services.  We will only accept credit card or Paypal payments. We will also offer curbside pickup but we will not handle physical money.
  2. One of our distributors also offers household necessities like toilet paper and paper towels.  During this time, we will carry those products for those that wish to avoid grocery stores. We’ll also be offering cases of Cheerwine glass bottled drinks (24 count / 12oz. bottles) for $25, in addition to our regular bottle drink selection.
  3. According to Executive Order No. 121, “Book stores that sell educational material” are considered Essential Businesses.  We have made a window display to highlight some of those items. We sell a variety of art books and art supplies, like paints, brushes, and drawing paper.  We also carry a number of tabletop games and model kits that stimulate critical thinking and puzzle solving skills.
  4. In addition to our Ebay Store (User ID:  comicmonstore), we will be working on adding some of our inventory to our website,  Feel free to call us at 704-636-0049 or email us at:

Our hours will be scaled back to:  Monday through Saturday / Noon – 5pm.  Closed on Sunday.

If you play Magic: The Gathering, there are special Friday Magic events on MTG Arena.  Find our Facebook Group called “Comic Monstore Magic The Gathering” to learn more.