Hunt Master

Hunt Master is a thrilling game of monster-hunting, deduction and bluffing for 2-4 players.

Players travel to creepy locations and hunt for creatures of the night to assist them in defeating their opponents. Their goal is to locate five monsters of a specific monster-type (Cryptid, Undead, Paranormal or Humanoid) before their opponents assemble their legion of monsters. At locations, monsters hide within Hunt Decks that also hold a variety of action cards that keep the game moving.  Players secretly make decisions about what they find while exploring, using the knowledge they’ve gained to track their monsters and prevent opponents from locating their monsters.

A game by Ray Franks.  Artwork by Elf.  Logo design by Joe Grotesque.

What’s in the box?

Above is the graphic we used for our successful Kickstarter campaign. The Track Markers did get upgraded to sturdy, cardboard Bigfoot prints and the locations did get upgraded to oversized cards.

If you enjoy the thrill of outwitting your opponents and tripping them up in particular situations, then Hunt Master is for you. The heart of the game is outguessing the other players and using the knowledge you’ve gained from exploration to throw them off the track of finding their monsters.

This is a light weight game. Non-gamers and casuals are able to pick it up and have a blast within no time.  For the more experienced gamers out there, this is a great starter to a game night, a nice lunch-break, or a convention game.

The theme is playfully dark, but all content will be family-friendly.  We have found the game can be enjoyed by most kids that can read. 

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