Graveyard Boulevard

Ray Franks, owner of Comic Monstore, is also a guitarist/songwriter/vocalist and has been performing in punk and metal bands since the mid-1990’s under the stage name, Abby Normal.  In 2003, the same year that Comic Monstore opened, Graveyard Boulevard was formed.   The band is taking pre-orders on their newest album, Subhuman Stage, scheduled to release in December 2018.  Email for booking.

Album artwork by Tams Higgins.


Graveyard Boulevard is:  Abby Normal (vocals/guitar), Scoty Scurvy (bass guitar/vocals), Trey Spears (guitar/vocals), Clay Higgins (drums).

Abby Normal: “Like most labors of love, releasing new recordings is a time consuming and expensive endeavor.  We’ve worked hard to craft some new songs that we enjoy performing and listening to.  Hopefully, we can convince most of our friends to support indie rock by pre-ordering our Subhuman Stage bundle package.  (Yeah, consider that a guilt trip!)  The first five songs on the album are brand new and the last four have only been released digitally.  In addition to a signed CD and MP3’s, we’re including a brand new T-shirt, a ceramic drink coaster and a glass poison bottle in our bundle.  The print run of the CD’s will be fairly small, so don’t miss this opportunity.  We will take pre-orders through October and we’re aiming for packages to start shipping in early December, or possibly sooner.”

All 9 MP3’s of Subhuman Stage will be emailed directly from us (DIY ’til we die!), within 48 hours of your bundle purchase.  We don’t intend to make the songs available on streaming services until 2019, so be among the first the hear them.  Order today!

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